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This is a FREE SCRUM EBOOK especially for those who want a complete foundation in SCRUM.

I just wanted to quickly let you know because it is free FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY. Please spread the word and forward the link to this page. It contains the following chapters and is a complete overview for a scrum practitioner. The book contains all the chapters in one ebook:

Chapter 1. Introduction

The Waterfall Model
The Birth of Agile

Chapter 2. Introducing Scrum

Scrum Theory
Scrum Skeleton
Scrum Team Roles
Time-boxes (Events) and Rules
Monitoring the Progress of a Release - The Release Burn down
Sprint Backlog
Monitoring the Progress of a Sprint - Sprint Burn down
Shippable Product Increment

Chapter 3. Kicking Off a Project

Root Cause Analysis
Communicating the Benefits of Scrum
Kick Off Meeting and Definition of Done
Improving Practices

Chapter 4. Establishing Stakeholders

Examples of Stakeholders
The Importance of Stakeholders at Sprint Review

Chapter 5. The Scrum Roles

Characteristics of a Scrum Master
Characteristics of a Product Owner
Characteristics of a Development Team
The Value of Scrum Values

Chapter 6. Building the Product Backlog

User Stories and Acceptance Criteria
Organising stakeholder meetings
Finding Common ground
Managing Changing Requirements
Story Points
Capturing Stories in Meetings

Please let anyone who is interested in Improving their scrum practices know.


Paul VII
Pashun Consulting Ltd.

To get a three part SCRUM EBOOK FREE - just enter your details below